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Albert Riera rubishes having any problem with Rafael Benitez

Albert Riera says he never had as much of a problem with Rafael Benitez as the public perception is and the public perception is like that because of the press which twisted the words he had uttered in total frustration in the summer of 2010.

Riera was not named in the La Roja Battalion to board the flight to the African continent for the World Cup that year and that was due to him not being in the frame for selection in Liverpool’s first XI in the last eight weeks of the English Season.

It was a massively annoying time for Riera and he chose media as a route to initiate an attack of words on the club boss, who was also his countryman, putting interrogation marks on his style of managing individuals.

But, as per Riera, never did he put the responsibility of his non-selection on any particular person and he even went on air immediately after that row to clarify that he would first like to blame himself rather than anyone else for that setback. Continue Reading

Spanish Football Team Updates

The Spain national football team is supervised by the Royal Spanish Football Federation.

The current head coach, Vincent Del Bosque has performed brilliantly as a coach for his team. The coach of Spain Vincente del Bosque will be leading Spain in the Euro 2016 as he is preparing himself to reshape his squad.

Albert Reira Ortega is one of the renowned Spanish footballers who play as a left back and left winger for Slovenian club FC Koper. The player made his name by reaching in the UEFA Cup finals and has also played in Italy, Greece, England, France and Slovenia.

The latest news on the football team states that the Real Madrid is considered to be the most valuable teams of football in the world for the 4th time. This Spanish team leads the way from Barcelona and United remains in the 3rd position. As per the US magazine known as Forbes, the value of Real Madrid is 3.645 billion USD and the annual revenue stands at 694 million dollars. This is indeed the slender benefit over Barcelona as far as these two categories are concerned. Barcelona has been shown in the rich list as it has a value of around 3.549 billion dollars and Manchester United has a value of 3.317 billion dollars.

Six Premier League is said to have featured in the list of top 10. The top 20 teams are worth 24 percent higher when compared to the other teams who were in that position about 1 year ago. The increase in the income is also due to kit deals and television contracts. The study also stated that Real Madrid has been ranked as the 2nd richest sports team in the world as they are behind the Dallas Cowboys American football team which stands at 4 billion dollars. Well, the Real Madrid has made a record in the history of football.

Albert Riera blamed Rafael Benitez for his poor form at Liverpool

Former Liverpool midfielder Albert Riera has blamed Rafael Benitez for this poor form when he was at Liverpool. He stated that Benitez has never been able to solve a problem by talking and that he had poor man-management skills.

Albert Riera once said that Benitez was managing a sinking-ship and that he does not listen to suggestions. He argued that the Spanish manager has never approached him to tell him how he can improve his game. Instead, he left him on the bench without ever talking to him.

Albert Riera believes that he could have made something to help the Liverpool team during that period. Unfortunately, Rafael Benitez was not prepared to listen to any suggestions and that he thought that he was the only boss in the team.

Rafael Benitez ultimately heard about these comments in the press and suspended the Spanish midfielder from the team. This prompted Riera to seek a move away for the team and at that moment, he was considering moving to Russia.

At that moment, Albert Riera wanted to participate in the 2010 World Cup and the only way out was to go and play in the Russian league. There were rumors that Russian clubs CSKA Moscow and Spartak Moscow was interested in the player but these moves did not materialize. Instead, the midfielder made the move to Olympiacos in Greece where he would stay for one year before moving to Turkey. Continue Reading

The summer transfer window ended but Pogba transfer rumors continue to emerge

It’s been a little over a week since the summer transfer window shut down but this hasn’t stopped the rumors involving the future of Paul Pogba from appearing as the young Frenchman is a highly coveted player and clubs have not lost their desire from signing him, especially Chelsea who are the front runners on securing his services.

Paul Pogba has recently tried to clear up the field involving his future and the young superstar said that he did not make a move to any other club in the summer simply because he had no reason of leaving Juventus as he said: “Why would I not stay? I didn’t have any motive to go, it wasn’t the right time. I am at Juventus, I am only thinking about Juventus, but I do not know for how long. We will do this year and then see how things go.”

Chelsea and PSG are a few of the clubs that have shown more interest in signing the French player and even though the summer transfer window ended, the Premier League outfit Chelsea are rumored to be preparing a major bid for Pogba that will be launched in the winter. Continue Reading

Charly Musonda’s dad reckons his son would be better off going away from Stamford Bridge

Charly Musonda’s dad reckons his son would be better off going away from Stamford Bridge for at least a season.

Musonda, who is only 18 years of age at present, is a part of the junior team of the Blues and has been awarded a contract extension just recently.

But, he is still quite a distance away from featuring for the first team.

There are a few foreign clubs that want to sign him on loan.

Monaco is keenly interested and according to Charly’s dad, the teenager should not hesitate at all in signing that deal as having some first team game under his belt is very important for him at this point in time in his career.

Speaking to a daily yesterday, he said, “Charly should think about the other options that are there. He has been approached by Monaco quite a few times. Some others have also been interested.”

“He hasn’t had any sort of discussion with the Chelsea management about that until now, but, for him to develop at a good rate, it’s important that he starts playing at the highest level now.” Continue Reading

Albert Riera makes a return to his childhood club Mallorca

In April of 2014, Albert Riera was named as the player of the year of the Australian side Wellington Phoenix.  The Spanish winger helped out Phoenix in getting a top 5 spot in the Australian League in this season but now the club will have to cope without having Riera as the player completed his move to Mallorca.

Riera signed a one and a half year long deal with the club where he used to perform in at the age of 17.

After it was confirmed that Albert Riera had completed his move to Mallorca, the veteran player stated that he does not want to relive going through a similar experience that he lived with Udinese. Rumors claim that Riera was sacked from the Italian side Udinese after the player attended a poker tournament and missed a Serie A match against Chievo Verona.

Albert Riera rejected those rumors as the players said that everything was false. A few days after Riera was released by Udinese, the Spanish player sent a message through his twitter account which stated: ‘’ Udinese is the worst club I’ve joined’’

Because of his negative experience playing with Udinese, the player is not interested in joining an Italian club. Continue Reading

Albert Riera turned to Free Agent

Albert Riera turned into a free agent after the Spanish left-back was sacked by Udinese due to him attending a poker tournament instead of playing a league match with his club against Chievo Verona.

The Spanish player who is 33 year old has now hinted that he would like to make a return to Mallorca which was the first professional club of his career that he joined back in a few years ago in 2000.

‘’For me, Mallorca is always an option. My idea is to wait until a realistic chance or offer is made for me to make a return to Mallorca. For now my intention is to train with the group and if there is an offer made to me then discussions will be held but I truly desire to play once more for Mallorca. Continue Reading

Liverpool dressing room is not a good Place for Players

Brendan Rodgers finally had to say last night that Liverpool dressing room is not the best place to be for a football player at the moment.

The Reds lost to the arch rivals United the other day which fuelled the rumours of negative environment in the group.

And, eventually, in the press conference, Rodgers himself also admitted to that.

According to Rodgers, there are certainly a few problems, but, they can’t be disclosed publicly.

Rodgers, though, doesn’t reckon that there is a lack of commitment from his boys.

In the words of the 41-year old Irishman, “I can’t really blame the players. I can see they are doing everything they can.”

“At times, the changing room atmosphere doesn’t happen to be as positive as it should be. Of course, these things cannot be talked about in public, but, we need not to lose faith in each other. We will have to find a way to get on track again.”

When asked if the Reds should have lost the game against United as badly as they did, Rodgers said, “Well, I would say no and that’s because we had the possession and we came close to netting as well a few times. The United goalie was the player of the game and it suggests a lot, doesn’t it?”

“But, yes, if we had been a little more efficient with our finishing, I would not have been sitting here and complaining about the margin of defeat. We’ve got to put on a collective show in the games coming up.”

Liverpool is 11th in the table, just a couple of points ahead of Stoke. This is more or less the same team which had almost won the title last season. Yes, Luis Suarez is missing, but, most of the other guys are still there. So, it’s a bit surprising.