Albert Riera makes a return to his childhood club Mallorca

In April of 2014, Albert Riera was named as the player of the year of the Australian side Wellington Phoenix.  The Spanish winger helped out Phoenix in getting a top 5 spot in the Australian League in this season but now the club will have to cope without having Riera as the player completed his move to Mallorca.

Riera signed a one and a half year long deal with the club where he used to perform in at the age of 17.

After it was confirmed that Albert Riera had completed his move to Mallorca, the veteran player stated that he does not want to relive going through a similar experience that he lived with Udinese. Rumors claim that Riera was sacked from the Italian side Udinese after the player attended a poker tournament and missed a Serie A match against Chievo Verona.

Albert Riera rejected those rumors as the players said that everything was false. A few days after Riera was released by Udinese, the Spanish player sent a message through his twitter account which stated: ‘’ Udinese is the worst club I’ve joined’’

Because of his negative experience playing with Udinese, the player is not interested in joining an Italian club. Continue Reading

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Albert Riera turned to Free Agent

Albert Riera turned into a free agent after the Spanish left-back was sacked by Udinese due to him attending a poker tournament instead of playing a league match with his club against Chievo Verona.

The Spanish player who is 33 year old has now hinted that he would like to make a return to Mallorca which was the first professional club of his career that he joined back in a few years ago in 2000.

‘’For me, Mallorca is always an option. My idea is to wait until a realistic chance or offer is made for me to make a return to Mallorca. For now my intention is to train with the group and if there is an offer made to me then discussions will be held but I truly desire to play once more for Mallorca. Continue Reading

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Liverpool dressing room is not a good Place for Players

Brendan Rodgers finally had to say last night that Liverpool dressing room is not the best place to be for a football player at the moment.

The Reds lost to the arch rivals United the other day which fuelled the rumours of negative environment in the group.

And, eventually, in the press conference, Rodgers himself also admitted to that.

According to Rodgers, there are certainly a few problems, but, they can’t be disclosed publicly.

Rodgers, though, doesn’t reckon that there is a lack of commitment from his boys.

In the words of the 41-year old Irishman, “I can’t really blame the players. I can see they are doing everything they can.”

“At times, the changing room atmosphere doesn’t happen to be as positive as it should be. Of course, these things cannot be talked about in public, but, we need not to lose faith in each other. We will have to find a way to get on track again.”

When asked if the Reds should have lost the game against United as badly as they did, Rodgers said, “Well, I would say no and that’s because we had the possession and we came close to netting as well a few times. The United goalie was the player of the game and it suggests a lot, doesn’t it?”

“But, yes, if we had been a little more efficient with our finishing, I would not have been sitting here and complaining about the margin of defeat. We’ve got to put on a collective show in the games coming up.”

Liverpool is 11th in the table, just a couple of points ahead of Stoke. This is more or less the same team which had almost won the title last season. Yes, Luis Suarez is missing, but, most of the other guys are still there. So, it’s a bit surprising.

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