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Riera Gains Coaching Badges at City

Albert Riera was the former winger of Liverpool and he issued a recent statement about how he supports Philippe Coutinho’s decision to no longer be part of Liverpool team. This he mentioned a few months back when he gave an interview to Goal. Though Liverpool is a big club compared to Camp Nou, Riera feels that it is a good decision to come to Camp Nou where probably individual opportunities are more. Also, as in the case of Coutinho whose performance last season had not been consistent, a move will help him challenge himself and build on his abilities. Riera feels that he is a player who would always be in demand.

Riera is currently completing seasons as a coach and earning coaching badges at Manchester City. He has been a former player of the City and he recently met up with current coaches Mikel Arteta and Pep Guardiola. The City and its players are currently in a good mood as they train to be ready for the finals of the FA Cup. The players are currently finishing domestic seasons as scheduled for the year.
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