The summer transfer window ended but Pogba transfer rumors continue to emerge

It’s been a little over a week since the summer transfer window shut down but this hasn’t stopped the rumors involving the future of Paul Pogba from appearing as the young Frenchman is a highly coveted player and clubs have not lost their desire from signing him, especially Chelsea who are the front runners on securing his services.

Paul Pogba has recently tried to clear up the field involving his future and the young superstar said that he did not make a move to any other club in the summer simply because he had no reason of leaving Juventus as he said: “Why would I not stay? I didn’t have any motive to go, it wasn’t the right time. I am at Juventus, I am only thinking about Juventus, but I do not know for how long. We will do this year and then see how things go.”

Chelsea and PSG are a few of the clubs that have shown more interest in signing the French player and even though the summer transfer window ended, the Premier League outfit Chelsea are rumored to be preparing a major bid for Pogba that will be launched in the winter.

The director of Juventus, Giuseppe Marotta has already stated that for any club to even try to sign Paul Pogba it will cost them at least €73 million as that is the price tag that Juventus has placed on the 22 year old player.

It still is unknown if the bid that Chelsea is preparing is in region of €73 million but the Premier League has demonstrated on numerous occasions that they have the financial power to spend big whenever it’s needed. Back in January of 2011, Chelsea spent €50 million in signing Fernando Torres and the English outfit is prepared to go deep in their pockets once again.