Albert Riera arrival @ Athens International Airport

Albert Riera Video Rating: 4 / 5

26 thoughts on “Albert Riera arrival @ Athens International Airport

  1. Gioxri31121982

    Daigo Kobayashi Karim Soltani!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Φιλακια πολλα!!!!!ΑΧΑΧΑΧΑΧΑΧΑΧΑΧΑΧΑ!!!!!!!

  2. Anvil00Horror

    lol i feel sorry for the guy at the start wearing ‘Derbyshire 9’ what a waste of money 😛

    But i applaued the kid with ‘LuaLua 32’

    Lol the camera guy said wanker lol 5 times,

  3. Anvil00Horror

    @GAM08LFC I’m an Aussie Liverpool supporter, with Greek heritage and a Olympiakos fan, Firstly, everyone has a right of free speech, they can express thier views and opinions without people like you abusing them, secondly AFL is a better sport than ‘soccer’ sure its not as popular, but at least people dont fall over everytime they get touched, thirdly, Stop being an ass, Olympiakos have dominated Greece, 39 league titles, fourthly, the way englands going, Greece will beat them if they played now

  4. tsbspionkop


    “What i have forgot about Olympiakos trophies you are yet to know…”

    That’s because all the Greek domestic trophies are forgettable. Five European cups however….

  5. thorpey18

    What the..? Albert Riera?

    This is down to either:

    A: A Guinness book of records attempt for the ‘most deluded ground gathering ever ‘
    B: Albert Riera actually realised he wasn’t a mediocre player, and become world class overnight. And told everyone in greece before he got there.
    C: The worlds gone fucking mental

  6. ivangrozny27

    no wonder the Greek economy is in the shitter – half of Athens skips work to go and greet a very average player.

  7. dislecksick

    @paparobios the greek league is pathetic…he couldnt make it in the permiere league so he’s going to athens…end of story

  8. NastyLucas

    I feel bad watching that video.
    Of course it is good that the fans are so passionate but they should wait till he starts playing for them. Let’s just say he was not one of the highlights of the Premier League…