Albert Riera Galatasaray Compilation

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10 thoughts on “Albert Riera Galatasaray Compilation

  1. ultrAslanSMZ

    @Daemonbird if pana wants riera from gala, they must give many para 🙂 (para=cash) 😀

  2. ultrAslanSMZ

    @DMHVideos Chumbawamba – Tubthumping =) the song of the playstation game for fifa world cup 98

  3. TiMuR67X

    in the video it seems that riera is fast?
    is he today not so fast as on the video?

  4. MrHooligan7

    personally i believe that this Riera has nothing to do with the Riera we all enjoyed in Espaniol..he didnt help Olympiakos as we all expected when he joined but good luck in Galata

  5. ultrAslanSMZ

    @felipposgate7 maybe that can be right but he played versus galatasaray for 2 weeks very good and i think that he is enough for the league this season

  6. felipposgate7

    caution turkish friends
    riera today is very very slow….
    arda turan is very fast
    riera no more….
    last 3 years… very bad
    well good luck to galatasaray and riera

    peace greece & turkey