Albert Riera rubishes having any problem with Rafael Benitez

Albert Riera says he never had as much of a problem with Rafael Benitez as the public perception is and the public perception is like that because of the press which twisted the words he had uttered in total frustration in the summer of 2010.

Riera was not named in the La Roja Battalion to board the flight to the African continent for the World Cup that year and that was due to him not being in the frame for selection in Liverpool’s first XI in the last eight weeks of the English Season.

It was a massively annoying time for Riera and he chose media as a route to initiate an attack of words on the club boss, who was also his countryman, putting interrogation marks on his style of managing individuals.

But, as per Riera, never did he put the responsibility of his non-selection on any particular person and he even went on air immediately after that row to clarify that he would first like to blame himself rather than anyone else for that setback.

But, no interest was shown in his clarification and that first interview circulated everywhere making people perceive that things were really bitter between him and Benitez.

Speaking yesterday, the 34-year old winger cum defender said, “Not to play sufficient Football in Premiership and then, subsequently to miss out on the biggest international event in the game was definitely frustrating. However, I felt it was a case of twisting the statements as well.”

Since he has left Liverpool, Riera has travelled to as many as 6 countries (Greece, Turkey, England, Italy, Spain and Slovenia) in as many years plying his trade.

At the moment, he is in Slovenia playing the topmost league there for FC Koper.