Riera blames the media

Former Liverpool winger Albert Riera has blamed the media for his problem with Liverpool former manager Rafael Benitez.

He accused the media of having twisted his comments and said that he never attacked Benitez in public.

At the time, there were reports that Albert Riera said that Rafael Benitez lacks interpersonal skills. He stated that the manager had never talked directly to him about his problem on the pitch and that he preferred to remain in his office. Albert Riera said at that time that Benitez was the worst manager he has worked with and that he is the main reason why he cannot play at Liverpool.

However, Albert Riera now claims that he never made such comments and that it was the media that invented everything.

He admitted that he was frustrated at that time because he was not selected in the Spanish team for the World Cup because he did not play regularly with the Liverpool team. He said that it was at that time that journalists seize the opportunity to alter his comments and to create tension between him and Rafael Benitez. He stated that he has a normal relationship with the manager and that it was the media that created all kind of rumors.

When he wanted to clarify his statement, he said that the press was not interested in publishing his statement anymore, and this is what gave rise to all kind of false rumors.

Albert Riera said that Liverpool is the best club he has played for and that he now regrets that he could not remain there and fight for his place. He believes that if there was no unnecessary comment from the media he might have been able to stay a bit longer there and make a name for himself at Anfield.