Bentiez and Riera Press Conference

Albert Riera Video clip Score: four / 5

10 thoughts on “Bentiez and Riera Press Conference

  1. FernardoTorres9

    Kop will support Riera, like we do Kuyt. I don’t care if he’s a poor mans Silva please don’t be like Gonzaliz (wrong spelling) or Luque. Rafa good luck and I hope brings us balance.

  2. Sharkizzz

    Riera is the perfect example of a very talented player ‘trapped’ in the wrong club. The only thing they achieved as a team is a 2nd place on a UEFA cup, and that was a big handicap for him to play at his best.
    So congratulations from Spain to Liverpool fans, Riera is a fantastic player and you will enjoy it like the rest of spanish guys you took from our league.