FIFA 09 – Albert Riera

Albert Riera Video Rating: four / 5

12 thoughts on “FIFA 09 – Albert Riera

  1. Seckander

    An editing program. As you’re a rookie Movie Maker will do just fine, render in 640×480 WMV as a video test.

  2. Seckander

    The final goal was mad shit! Try uploading the video in WMV so it can show the HQ version 😉

  3. LFC258

    i scored a better 40 yarder but when i tried to upload it to ea football world it froze 🙁 third time in two days 🙁

    anyway there will be more vids and i’ll try to score goals like this in matches on pro difficulty 🙂

  4. LFC258

    no i uploaded it on ea sports football world from the ps3 then downloaded it from there and put it on. The quality is much better on the other website 😉 thanks for the replies !!!