Fifa 09 Riera Goal

Albert Riera Movie Ranking: three / 5

10 thoughts on “Fifa 09 Riera Goal

  1. GoodnightIreneBRFC

    A) I own FIFA 09 so am not still “buzzin of fifa 05”.
    B) I am ranked in the top 300 in the world on Fifa so if you want a game on it so I can prove to you that I do know something about Fifa then bring it on.

  2. sammyblfc

    Shut up lad, you probly know noffin bout fifa and its actually on world class son so”bit devved for for you mayte”.and your probably still buzzin off fifa 05.

  3. GoodnightIreneBRFC

    What a poor difficulty this game is on, amateur? semi-pro at the most?

    Torres could have crawled through that defence on his hands and knees…