Riera’s first Liverpool goal & Wigan fans faces

Albert Riera Video Rating: 4 / five

25 thoughts on “Riera’s first Liverpool goal & Wigan fans faces

  1. ZxZxZxZxZx007

    if this was in greece then you maybe had war… Here exist only from one team fans into the stadium.

  2. jonowev

    Lol, hopefully they’ll have those faces again when we knock em out of the cup on saturday. Good quality vid.

  3. BCFC1891

    wow the away fans are very close aren’t they. are they this close when you play like united or everton?

  4. meusicalentall27

    We werent outplayed lol. We were all over you. You just got hold of a clumsy mistake. How bigs your back yard? 😉

  5. wiganmadlad

    whats a douche im english not a dumb yank and what was teh score last night whats it like being outplayed by little wigan you prick! EASY EASY champions league ur having a laugh top 4 ur having a laugh jog on!

  6. meusicalentall27

    Umm your are mising the point….

    You will never see the UCL. Fuck tard. Stop being a jealous cunt and fess up. At least i dont go for Man Utd. I like Wigan, but you r a douche

  7. wiganmadlad

    if you have money and buy your way there its easy look at chelsea if you didnt have financial backing you wouldnt be in the champions league liverpool another leeds united my guess because you wont finish in the top 4 this season!

  8. wiganmadlad

    scouse mugs this the game were the bent ref sent off valencia and gifted the game to liverpool wot a joke yu wernt saying shit when we batterd your fans at the dw championsleague ur having a laugh!