Sotirios Kyrgiakos – Greek Warrior

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24 thoughts on “Sotirios Kyrgiakos – Greek Warrior

  1. littlegregg1

    Reminds me of when Emerson Thome came to Sunderland from Chelsea. Maybe not the best defender we’ve had, but 100% commitment in every tackle and quickly became a crowd favourite. Let’s hope this guy can do the same. Welcome to Sunderland!

  2. mastrap23

    and with suarez up front LFC wont be playing in CL for a long time to come… enjoy it when LFC plays away to Swansea, the only match they’ll get outside of England

  3. mastrap23

    remember babel and ngog playing champions league for LFC, yeh suarez hasnt…shows the difference in class

  4. 9703549j

    And jus for your info for dudes who get worked up easily.. i aint saying hes lousy

  5. 9703549j

    @mastrap23 – u retarded or wat?! Ngog and babel over suarez? Im not even a liverpool supporter and i tink tats bullshit! Suarez is doing great at liverpool and without him they would not be doing so well

  6. 9703549j

    @pigsarseifyYou.. agreed! Hes getting to old and inconsistent in his performances and hes making too many mistakes compared to last time.Those who think daglish sux should jus f off and go watch some other sport cos u dun deserve to watch football

  7. PigsArseifyYou

    kyrgiakos is an old and slightly above average player. and dalglish is a legend at two clubs, celtic and liverpool. fuck you and your ignorance.

  8. mastrap23

     really? REALLY?!? kyrgiakos is and always will be such a better player than kenny or any of the hacks LFC play. Carragher, Agger, Skrtyl, Coates, Kelly, Enrique, etc, etc none of them are better than the greek warrior SOTIRIOS KYRGIAKOS

  9. IChaosTheoryx

    that is retarded as fuck, in fact thats so stupid im not going to waste my time replying and presume you’ve been hacked, good day.

  10. liverpoolfc97100

    king kenny, more like kunt kenny. is shit for liverpool as a manager but he was even worse as a player! i bet he sold kyrgiakos because hes jealous that he never reached the same heights that kyrgiakos has attained

  11. mastrap23

    dont forget kenny got rid of kyriakos cheaply, if kenny was willing to sell torres for 50 mill and buy carroll for 35mill and suarez for 22.8 mill then he should got around 125mill for kyriakos.
    silly kenny, even wenger knows how to make money using players

  12. liverpoolfc97100

    carrol goals for liverpool: 2, kyrgiakos: 3, that just proves that he has the edge over porn star carrol in every way even goal scoring. if only kenny thought with his head instead of his asshole he would realise kyrgiakos is 10 times the player bucktoothed suarez will ever be.

  13. mastrap23

    kenny has made some bad decisions. Like I’d easily choose Babel and N’Gog over that rat-faced Suarez and 70’s porn star lookalike Andy Carroll

  14. liverpoolfc97100

    king kenny should be fired, along with carragher. all hail rafa and kyriakos <3

  15. mastrap23

    if LFC had played kyriakos instead of carragher they would’ve had 19 titles instead of Man Utd… now they’re stuck with carragher

  16. liverpoolfc97100

    i agree, kryiakos is probably the classiest defender liverpool have ever had. its a shame people prefer the ugly british pig carragher instead of this beast.

  17. mastrap23

    this guy is a legend and LFC give his no. 16 to some uruguayian… disappointing