Albert Riera ~The Complete winger

Albert Riera Video clip Score: 4 / 5

25 thoughts on “Albert Riera ~The Complete winger

  1. ieyanynwa9

    have a good first season then rafa ruined him in the next season..same thing what rafa did to babel..said good things about the player then treat them like shit..thank god he’s not liverpool manager anymore..he just gonna waste lot of money bring shit player..

  2. ammar7773

    he began being noob after fight benitez and benitez dint not put riera in first team anymore ………. fucck BENITEZ!

  3. busteddon

    This guy was amazing. Oh how we loved him after Luis left. And then when Riera left, we when downhill again. He gave us width, options, dribbling. My god do I miss him.

  4. ironman1789

    @dishwasherman83 hi.Watch Riera’s amazing cross at olympiakos last home game against larissa.
    the first goal.Unfortunately he got an injury later at the game and he will be out for 5 weeks..

  5. ironman1789

    @dishwasherman83 I don’t disagree for his quality!!I saw some statitistics today about him and the result was that he had the best year in his carrier with OLympiakos!!And without proper summer preparation.I can’t wait for the next season..Although they are people here who believe that he can never replace our former left winger for 12 years predrag djordjevic and i think they’re right.If Riera starts to score more often then he will get closer to style and offer of djordjevic.

  6. dishwasherman83

    He should be playing for teams like Valencia or Real Madrid. I think he’s got enough quality to cut it out as a left winger.

  7. ironman1789

    @dishwasherman83 Yes they should.Now Riera is Olympiakos new star-leader player,Champion of Greek Superleague and we can’t wait to see him playing in champions leauge this September….

  8. dishwasherman83

    Liverpool should have had more confidence in him. Unfortunately Benitez and him fell out and he was snubbed from 1s team footy.

  9. filipyoungXL

    re pousth mou egw auto ton paikth xairomoun na ton vlepw sth liverpool(oso epaize)…pragmatika htan alogo……ta kontrol tou eidika epeita apo makrines mpalies me afhnan afwno…ti skata epathe stn olumpiako?????euxomai pragmatika na vrei th forma tou th deuterh xronia ston peiraia kai na deiksei poios pragmatika einai o albert riera gia na kleisoun kai kapoia stomata…. 😛

  10. Pnsg7

    aaaaaaa re riera egw se pisteuw th deuterh xronia pou tha kaneis kai kalokairinh proetoimasia tha eisai polu kaluteros !!!

  11. cmoz88

    I don’t now why the fuck we sold Riera, considering we don’t have a single winger in the entire squad now.

  12. lildibbss

    @shaneho78 awesome comeback but i think what he lacked was consistency. we knew he could do all this but he didn’t do it match after match so cant really say he’s complete.

  13. bigkour

    riera does a fantastic game against panionios but in the end he saw red card.
    siga siga vriskei thn forma tou kai oloi sto limani eimaste xaroumenoi gi auto