New Liverpool FC winger Albert Riera meets the media at…

Albert Riera Video Score: five / five

25 thoughts on “New Liverpool FC winger Albert Riera meets the media at…

  1. corleone560

    @madzangels are you serious you call us lazy without living in greece but listening what the news are saying for us military ?? well you see you dumb english f*** if your country was loyal in 1922 we would be much greater by now but you preferred a secret alliance with kemal and the french too and in ww2 you own your existence to us culture!!!! culture we gave you everything democracy poetry science iam writing the same in the comments below we are week? well we fought in mountains not in ships

  2. corleone560

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  3. madzangels

    @Herculesyo Why the fuck are you comparing an ENTIRE country in ‘Greece’ against ONE single city called ‘Liverpool’ in England!! “Did you know that in ancient times Greece was the most powerful country in the world”?

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  4. madzangels

    @Basiliz You must be one of the most stupid people yet on Youtube you little troll.

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  5. 0oTh3Gr33Ko0

    being half greek im a huge fan of olypiakos 😀 but i support liverpool and they are quite clearly the better side…

  6. mikepitgate7

    i really feel sorry for liverpool and liverpool fans..YOU COMPARE YOURSELVES TO OLYMPIACOS? YOU SHOULD HAVE NEVER REPLIED TO THIS OTHER GUY..ITS OBVIOUS THAT LIVERPOOL IS BETTER DUMB SH IT ..i really pity you..u are even searching for arguments to proove that liverpool is better than a greek team with 5 times less budget..olympiacos is my favourite team..its an upcoming europian strong team ( like shaktar) but it cant be compared to premier league clubs yet…

  7. Basiliz

    @PerfectRoast Rivaldo, does it mean anything to you? The thing about English is that they think they can reach the level of Greeks one day, and that they know this is not going to happen because they are shitty people.

    Only shitty people would want to keep ancient monuments of another country in their museum. Give us back the statues, you have no culture and history, but WE HAVE!

  8. PerfectRoast

    @Herculesyo Right now??? Since when has Oympiakos ever beat Chelsea 2-0??? Since when has Olympiakos ever signed a “world-class” player??? The thing about the Greeks is that they think they know everything and than the arrogance gets to their head and they chuff!

  9. Herculesyo

    @PerfectRoast Yeah Liverpool used to be a great team.Do you also know that in the ancient times Greece was by far the most powerful country in the world?But what about now?The present is what trully matters and right now olympiakos is better than liverpool whether you like it or not.

  10. bickersdylan

    albert riera is what we are missing at the moment, he was the complete winger, he stays out wide, cole, maxi, kuyt, they all cut inside, riera had pace and skill. its a shame he had to leave so early.
    spanish liverpool was the best liverpool in a very long time

  11. PerfectRoast

    @paokbeliever lol thats so funny how put “Olympiakos” and “better” in the same sentence. You lot have never won a major European trophy. Liverpool have plenty to their name so don’t get me started. You guys thrive on players who are not wanted by big clubs like Riera and Nemeth.

  12. paokbeliever

    @PerfectRoast Olympiakos is better than liverpool.liverpool is “a shit club” now..everyone knows that!GAL!

  13. PerfectRoast

    He was huge let down at Liverpool. Very greedy with the ball and didn’t share the same mentality as the others. I’m glad he’s gone and he can play his shit football at a shit club like Olympiakos


    i think that riera shud play more games then benayoun because he is better then him so if we do that then it shud be good ;]

  15. dagamezmasta

    Yeah. He said when he was at Man City, he wasn’t accustomed to the physical nature of Premier League football. But I assume he’s since adjusted.