Albert Riera-Welcome to Liverpool

Albert Riera Video clip Score: four / 5

35 thoughts on “Albert Riera-Welcome to Liverpool

  1. PhilipGdms

    @pakolous13 nai re file telika eixes polu dikio….DEN EINAI LETO… polu apla einai riera….einai o paikths pou eixe na paiksei mpala 1 xrono kai 7 mhnes kai evale 9 goal kai moirase kai 8 assist….mono auta(pros to paron)…antitheta dikaiothikame pou diwksame ton einai kwlopaido kai nmizw pws to katalaves kai esu..exeis tsakwthei me olh thn omada…autos thelei mia mpala monos tou….aaa kai apologismos(2 goal 0 assist)…kala einai…(filika ola auta etsi) 🙂

  2. pakolous13

    @panos4657 Εγω δεν είπα ΟΤΙ Ο ΡΙΕΡΑ ΕΙΝΑΙ ΚΑΚΟΣ απλα είπα ότι ο ΛΕΤΟ ΕΙΝΑΙ ΚΑΛΥΤΕΡΟΣ …

  3. pakolous13

    Ε πως να το κάνουμε ???? ΛΕΤΟ ΔΕΝ ΕΙΝΑΙ . Σε λιγους μήνες θα το καταλάβαιτε και εσείς .Καλος παίχτης αλλα όχι ΛΕΤΟ . Έχετε κάνει έγκλημα που τον αφήσατε να φύγει αλλα καλυτερα που δεν το παραδέχεστε για να κάνετε και άλλα λάθη .Ο καλυτερος τρόπος να μην ξανακάνεις ένα λάθος είναι να παραδέχεσαι το πρώτο . Ε εσείς αυτο δεν το έχετε ……

  4. xristosmagas

    @pakolous13 pios leto re otan phge o riera sthn live efyge daneiko semas o leto sygrineis leto me riera !!!

  5. MascheranoLFC

    alri as u can see my post was 10months ago … and in them 10 months my opinion of lucas has changed .. i do think he is underated and a good player .. poor lad gets trashed of every1

  6. MrLBerry

    lucas is good give him time he still young and he has the best midfielder to lear off of (GERRARD!) and he also has macherano to learn off of as well.

  7. 0175702906

    I hope benitez didn’t sell Riera cause Riera is LIVERPOOL DANGERMAN BABY!!!!!!YYYYEEEEAAAHHHHH!!!!!!GO GO GO RIERA!!!!!!

  8. lifedrainer04

    what’s wrong with him? it looks to me like he’s class. Why is he so underrated?! his style remids me of cr ronaldo only much better more effective. why would benitez want to sell him? and what’s with the price tag?!

  9. AlphaDraconis7

    riera is an amazing player….

    hopefully…he will win many trophies at liverpool

    god bless albert riera

  10. MascheranoLFC

    haha u wer defo right about dossena anyway … fuckin fat itilan bastard im liverpool fan and i alwasy new he was going to be shite ….. Why cant Rafa just sign good players like Torres,Alonso,Riera and not sign does shit players lik Dossena,degen,lucas

  11. capee654

    Well, anything could have been better than Pennant and Babel, But what we got was brilliant. His awareness is great, he doesn’t run into nowhere like Babel and he can actually cross the ball. I really like this guy. He’s got to be one of the three best signings over the last two years