The vice president of Galatasaray, Refik Arkan, has said that the club is willing to sign a contract with the Bulgarian striker Dimitar Ivanov Berbatov. Bervatov has been playing for Manchester United since 2008. But, in the last season, he was not given much opportunity to appear in the first team of Manchester United. Recently, Bervatov told the media that he would not like to play for Manchester any more.

Refik said that the club wants a striker of high quality and Bervatov might be the one, but, the final decision hasn’t been taken yet. The manager of the team, faith Terim, would take the final decision. Refik said that the club also wants to have Brazilian midfielder Filipe Melo in the team. Melo played for Galatasaray last year on a loan. As per Refik, Juventus is demanding 13 million Euros for Melo and the club would not be able to pay that much amount. If Melo wants to be associated with Galatasaray, he must have a meeting with the authorities of Juventus and request them to lower their demand. Refik has made it quite clear that if Juventus would not lower its demand for Melo, then the club would have to look for some other player. Meanwhile, Melo has written on his Twitter account that he enjoyed quite a lot while playing for Galatasaray last season. As per Melo, he desperately wants to be a part of Galatasaray permanently.

On being asked about the targets of the club in the upcoming season, Refik said that the club has set some big goals for itself. But, you need to have a good team to put up a strong performance. So, the club is looking to invest some money and buy some good players to strengthen the team.