Liverpool FC. Where Amazing Happens

Albert Riera Video Score: 4 / five

25 thoughts on “Liverpool FC. Where Amazing Happens

  1. wanakmalzarif

    Manchester United sucks. They kept on winning because referee is supporting them, especially when Howard Webb is there!! Liverpool the best, and will always be the best.

  2. Mikel5857

    lmfao i was joking but if you want to know we have three and dw we would surpass yall again in the cl…………….i heard you guys are doing well in the EUROPA LEAGUE good job!!

  3. santiagoCajalmacorra

    I’m a Madrid fan to death, but Liverpool is a club I’ve always respected and admired, and their fans too.

  4. LucaUltrasGranata

    i m so sorry because liverpool is not the good team since few years ago…=(

  5. DrMonstaaa

    just type in youtube downloaded into google, download it, paste the link and there you go!

  6. TheAnfieldOne

    Hi mate i know this is your video and all that and it’s a great one but I was wondering if I could use it in a GCSE presentation Im doing in a few weeks? If you have the right stuff on your computer and you can send me a download link or email it to me then that would be great 🙂 But if you dont want it being used then no worries 🙂 Thanks.

  7. TORRES1892

    Travelling to Liverpool on wednesday, hopefully to see LFC crush Braga and continue on to the quarterfinals 😀
    YNWA all red friends <3 !